For the first time since 2 April 1984, the dairy farmer is not being penalised for producing too much milk.

The abolition of milk quotas is bringing about major herd size increases as farmers throughout Europe ramp up their output to take advantage of the new rules.

Increasing herd numbers requires increased hot water volume and we have an answer to this to suit any sized dairy.

We have high-efficiency hot water systems to suit your existing requirement which are all easily expanded in future should you decide to increase your herd numbers further at a later date.

We can offer systems governed by recycle time or volume/day whichever suits you better. We can size the output of a system to suit your highest expected herd number for the future but give you the volume you require now, and you can come back at any time for the additional volume tanks which are system-specific and can be easily added later. This way your capital costs are always relevant to your current demands, but the system is easily expanded later if requried, without penalty for allowing for that expansion now.

Our dedicated hot water systems can reach any temperature up to 80°C depending on the system chosen, and are easily installed.

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