Female veterinarian examines little dog teeth and ears
Veterinary practices require substantial volumes of hot water for everything from cleaning animals, to surgery, hydrotherapy and wash-down of all areas.

We can supply high-efficiency bespoke systems to either just provide the hot water volumes you require, or to heat and cool your practice building, from Reception to animal recovery, while also producing the required hot water, without you either requiring fuel deliveries or fuel storage.

This has two major advantages.

Firstly, you only need to pay for the fuel you use, after you have used it, in the form of electricity. Our systems can be up to 800% efficient depending on the application and conditions, so the electricity you pay for putting into it is put to the best use.

Secondly, you don’t need to have any fuel deliveries or storage and have no smelly emissions from your building. Your practice is a busy hub of activity when open and the last thing you have time for is checking fuel levels, re-ordering and taking delivery of fuel.

Having our clean, high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly systems for your practice sends a strong message to your customer that your are environmentally aware and have actually done something about it.

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