We are a UK company which manufactures renewable, energy efficient, environmentally-friendly heating and cooling solutions, since 2004.

For the residential customer, we offer bespoke geothermal and air-source heat pumps tailored to suit the Customers’ exacting needs.

While all this may sound like it will be expensive, rest assured it isn’t. While we manufacture to suit your exacting needs this also means we don’t have a stock inventory sitting on the shelf that we need to sell, so there is no cost penalty in getting exactly what you need.

No longer do you need to search for a heat pump supplier or heat pump that is closest to your needs and have to live with the things it won’t do so well for you. We manufacture specifically to suit that need. With heat pumps ranging from 7.5kW to 4,000kW in geothermal or air-source, heating only, heating and hot water, heating and cooling, or heating, cooling and hot water together, we have what you need.

We recommend contacting us before you start any work on your building. This way you have the opportunity to have a propoerly designed system for heating and hot water throughout your build and everyone knows what is happening when the site work starts.

We also sell the correct circulations pumps for your system, fan-coils, under-floor complete kits, hot water tanks, buffer tanks and pipe for heating hot water and ground-loops.

E-mail us today with your enquiry and see how we can help you.