Our products

We manufacture heat pumps, fan-coils, and hot water cylinders and you get expert advice and expert information directly from the manufacturer. With us, you can buy direct from the manufacturer, and we manufacture your product specifically for you, cutting out Distributors, Dealers and local suppliers along the way. All of this, you get without any cost penalty, since we won’t be pre-manufacturing units that could be sitting waiting to sell for months while a customer comes looking for that particular product. The end result is you get the product you need not what is in stock.

Conversion of your oil, gas or wood-burning system

This is easier than you’d think. For instance, a customer in an existing house in a town, with an oil boiler and radiators, can very simply in one day convert this system to an air-source heat pump and fan-coils and have very low-cost heating but also have the benefit of cooling in summer. They no longer have to worry about fuel deliveries, fuel storage, oil prices, or emissions, and only pay for the fuel (electricity to run the system) that they have actually used. We can sell these products directly for either DIY installation or for installation by the customer’s plumber.

There is a public misconception that wood-pellet boilers are carbon neutral and environmentally friendly. This is totally untrue. The trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere while growing and their argument is that it only puts back what it took out in the first place. The whole issue now is reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere so WHY burn the wood and put it back into the atmosphere?? It is a ridiculous argument to make.

Why should you come to us?

We manufacture all the products we sell except the under-floor equipment. Heat pumps can be used with a wide range of heat sources, and heating and cooling distribution can be by means of under-floor, ducted air, fan-coils, or radiators.

The customer can also avail of a full system design, very detailed installation documentation, and even a DVD installation manual for the under-floor equipment.

This means the customer who comes to us can explore all the possible options to get the system best suited to their particular needs instead of being lumbered with “whatever their local supplier happens to sell”.