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Nordic Geothermal

Heat pumps • Under-floor • Fan-coils • DIY kits


DIY Kits

Nordic Geothermal can provide complete DIY kits for your home’s entire heating system. The Nordic system has been developed to allow quick and easy installation.


Whether you want to use one of our heat pumps or an oil or gas boiler we can provide under-floor and/or fan-coils for your heat distribution, including piping schematics and a full under-floor piping layout, installation DVD and printed manuals. All equipment is packaged and shipped direct to your site for installation by yourself or your plumber or both.


For the best efficiency, the under-floor or fan-coil system should be used with  one of our high-efficiency heat pumps. Please click on the relevant links to the left of the screen to get further information.


Heat Pumps

DIY installation of our heat pumps can save you thousands. Easy to follow manuals and diagrams help you complete this task without any fuss and drastically shorten the payback period of your investment. If you are installing a ground-loop we can give you a ground-loop plan and details to follow when carrying out the installation.



The typical DIY under-floor package includes a detailed piping plan of your house, and designed and delivered to site within 7 to 10 working days of order.


The package normally includes:


·          15mm Under-floor Heating Barrier pipe (BS 7291 Class S approved).

·          19mm Corrugated ducting for protection of pipe-work if needed.

·          Under-floor Heating manifolds located throughout.

·          Thermostatic mixing valve located at each manifold.

·          Digital thermostats for control of each individual zone, with night-time set-back facility.

·          Rapid Rail fixing system for fixing of pipe-work to insulation.

·          Grundfos 25/65 circulating pump located at each manifold.

·          Full design specification including all necessary schematics.

·          Installation DVD

·          Printed manual


Not supplied:

Primary pipe-work from boiler house to manifold locations.

Insulation to be laid prior to installation of pipe-work as well as edge insulation for all external walls.

Modern under-floor heating systems are clean, comfortable, and economical to run, virtually maintenance free and offer tremendous energy saving potential.

Advantages of under-floor?

Conventional heating systems (using convector radiators) provide warmth within a space or building by heating the air in the room. By comparison, UFH transfers heat from a very large surface area, which is only slightly warmer than the room. Floors are warmer and the floor to ceiling temperature and humidity levels remain more constant producing a more comfortable environment for occupants. The heated floor operates at low temperatures and will not cause convection drafts or circulation of dust within the room.

The floor surface temperature required is usually quite low and very close to the actual room temperature and always below 29ºC in occupied areas to achieve an acceptable degree of comfort.

It is essential however, that floor coverings do not provide too great a degree of insulation or the heat in the UFH system may be able to raise the room temperature to its design level. The basic operation of an under-floor heating system is pipe embedded within a concrete screed with warm water circulating through the pipe work allowing for the gradual heating of the screed and eventual emitting of heat from the floor into the room. The heat is concentrated where it is most needed for human comfort and energy efficiency.

It is quite common to have a mixed system in one building where under-floor heating is used throughout the ground floor and radiators are used in the upper floors / bedroom areas, where only sporadic heat is required. Both systems can be operated off one boiler, but will need different time controls due to the different response times. The only exception to this is where UFH is required for a single room. In this case we have a special pump / control unit available which allows such a circuit to be connected to a radiator heating system.




Nordic Geothermal fan-coils are quiet, efficient and extremely quick at heating your spaces. This means your entire system can not only run at lower, more efficient temperatures, but can also be used for cooling in summer, if you have used one of our heat pumps.


The DIY installation of these fan-coils is extremely simple. The pipe-work is very similar to a standard radiator system, in fact an existing radiator system can be converted to a fan-coil system and coupled with our air or water-source heat pumps. This simplicity means a DIYer with basic plumbing skills can carry out this work in a new-build or retrofit situation with ease. It also means you can buy your package, and have your local plumber come and fit it, only charging you for the labour involved. 


For a detailed quotation for your home, please Contact Us with details of your house.


To get detailed information on any of our products, please click on the relevant tab on the left of your screen.


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